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The UV curing machine of radiation curing technology

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  Curing UV radiation curing technology is a new type of green environmental protection technology in the 21st century, and several other anticorrosion technology (ordinary alkyd coatings, powder coatings technology, etc.) than a big advantage, it has high efficiency, thin film, low energy consumption, suitable for development trend of modern high-speed production line.
       UV curing machine radiation curing technology advantage is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

       curing speed, curing time in 1 ~ 2 seconds, compared with the traditional solvent coating and powder coating greatly improve production efficiency, and saves the semi-finished products piled up space, more can meet the requirements of large-scale automated production.
Compared with lower energy consumption, due to the UV curing machine curing only needed to stimulate the radiant energy, light initiator (or photosensitizer), don't need like hot setting need heating substrate, the material, the surrounding space, and evaporation heat removal of diluted with water and organic solvent, which can save a lot of energy.
     Less pollution, due to the UV coating is not how to use organic solvent, the dilution with active monomers and participate in the curing reaction, so most of them are the solid content of 100%, so can reduce due to solvent evaporation caused by environmental pollution, and can produce accidents such as fire or explosion.
      UV curing machine of radiation curing technology development prospects are extremely good, eight of the last century, in the ninety s, some European and American developed countries had related to this research, and the development of many related equipment.
       As Germany VENJAKOB company development of UV curing coating equipment, the BRONX/UINVERSAL company developed vacuum UV curing equipment. Because of the high degree of automation, equipment production efficiency is very high, up to 120 meters per minute, anti-corrosion effect is very good, and the pollution to the environment is also very small.