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The mechanism and characteristics of the UV curing machine

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  Can fire equipment general UV light is called the UV machine. The UV curing machine is a kind of photochemical reaction process, belongs to the category of radiation curing. UV curing machine through the outer light curing coating, coating of the initiator is activated after absorbing energy, produce free radicals or cation, and then with the unsaturated group function of light-cured resin, unsaturated bond in the oligomer disconnect, polymerization reaction, the curing film. The whole curing process include: chain initiation, chain and chain termination of three stages.
  UV machine under the radiation of ultraviolet curing coating, fast curing can occur. The UV curing machine technology has the following features:
  1, through uv irradiation, curing speed, curing generally for a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.
  2, the UV curing machine coatings have no or only a small amount of volatile solvent (VOC), belongs to the low pollution materials, along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, UV curing machine coatings is also more and more get the favour of people and love.
  3, ultraviolet curing does not need under the condition of heat curing, as long as through uv irradiation can achieve rapid solidification, a large amount of energy saving.
  4, due to the UV curing machine coatings can be cured under UV radiation, so in a variety of objects such as paper, plastic, rubber and other surface curing, without having to worry about the effects of temperature.
  5, the UV curing machine coating process is simple, less investment, simple also to the requirement of production equipment, and the stability is very good also.