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UV curing photochemical reaction

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  UV curing photochemical reaction from Stark - Einstein's law, the Crotthus - Drape: law, zi chan rate, the law of light absorption and the effects of light intensity received a reasonable explanation.
  Stark - Einstein's law of molecular excitation and the photochemical reaction is the result of the absorption of a photon;
  Crotthus - Draper's law points out that the photochemical reaction is triggered by the molecules absorb light, only the light reactant match the absorption wavelength and the wavelength of light source, to photochemical reaction;
  Amount when zi chan rate points out several different situation, after absorbing a photon, after a series of chain reaction, eventually there are multiple new molecular generation, of course, tiny may become less than a new molecules of light quantum. Reaction process does not have a predetermined procedures, although this conflict with photochemical reaction, but in conformity with the laws of Stark - Einstein.
  Law of light absorption is pointed out that the absorption of ACTS on objects happens when the light, and through reflection. Light that is absorbed to trigger a light reaction, the absorption of light obey the law of light absorption (Lambert - Bee: law), notes Lambert Beer's law, when a beam of parallel light through a solution solution absorbance and solution of liquid layer thickness and concentration is directly proportional to the product.
  Light intensity, light curing reaction process, the intensity of light curing can play a key role decision, photochemical reaction only under the condition of higher than that of the specific intensity can run smoothly. Light irradiation reaction time is inversely proportional to the light intensity, high light intensity can shorten the reaction time, and in the process of curing oxygen polymerization of the existence of good, should be effective in the practical application of the UV curing machine adjust light irradiation time and light intensity.