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The UV lamp working condition

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  Ultraviolet germicidal light (UV light) is actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp, as well as general fluorescent lamp is a low pressure mercury vapor (< 10-2 pa) are UV after launch. UV light solid machine work is also use UV principle. Is fluorescent lamp USES is common glass, 254 nm ultraviolet ray can't come out, can only be absorbed phosphor tapped into visible light bulb. Composition and proportion of phosphor after change, it can we usually see different colors of light. Most germicidal lamp tubes are made of quartz glass because of ultraviolet quartz glass each band has high transmittance, 80% - 80%, is the best material to do the sterilization lamp.
     UV lamp is using magnetic flux leakage as the main way of power supply, transformer primary winding is available in 110, 220 v or 380 v input, the secondary winding output 110 v to 3000 v. According to the number of the parameters of the capacitor or not with the connection in a different way, available capacity to effectively regulate the uv lamp power, half work or full power working state in order to achieve. The intensity of UV light solid machine to absorb ultraviolet light enough, its function can be normal.
    When the UV lamp lit, would rise a little bit of tube current, voltage also increased, however, current rise slowly, the voltage rise faster, in the end, the bulb tube current stop, namely mercury inside the tubes has been completely will send into gas, and all aspects of UV lamp performance is fully reflected. Lights out, due to the circuit control, has cut off the lamp supply voltage and current, all parameters to disappear, that is to say, lamp current, voltage, also is done not have. Circuit connecting one or a few capacitor, and then into the UV lamp, as a result of the existence of capacitor, also make the UV lamp current in a stable state. Equipped with good transformer, capacitor, specific circuit control, according to customer needs, most choose different configuration, protection function also is not the same.

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