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UV light curing problem

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  No scale, standardized mode of production is the high cost of product and long cycle of production operation. With wooden door market share increase, the wooden door industry will certainly for market segmentation. Custom wooden door is bound to become a high-end, a part of the consumer chooses. Standardization production will be the wood industry to adapt to the market economy development inevitable path.  
  But the wooden door standardization production is not easy, many problems concerning. The coating technology is one of the key. Enterprises in our country at present commonly used PU, PE paint furniture surface and the coating of wooden door, although these paint products have good construction performance and effect of paint film, mass and mass production, but can't be prevented the wooden door standardized operation process.
  UV light curing wood coatings can perfectly realize the standardization of wood coating production. UV lacquer is a kind of by UV irradiation curing film coating. The product does not contain harmful substances, green environmental protection and excellent film performance. More importantly, UV paint curing time is shorter, the available equipment for mass production.

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