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UV machine printing electroplating process

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  Is using the principle of electrolytic plating (Electroplating). In some metal surface plating on a thin layer of other metal or alloy, is the use of electrolytic action made of metal or other material adhered on the surface of the parts of a layer of metal film technique prevent metal oxidation (rust), not only improve the wear resistance and electric conductivity, reflective resistance, corrosion resistance, copper sulfate, etc.) can also create beautiful etc. Most of the outer layer for electroplating of the coin.
  UV machine printing electroplating process
  Nickel plating. Chromium plating nickel as chrome plated at the grass-roots level, so the hardness is very high, directly in the 20 * chrome plated steel surface unstable will appear the phenomenon such as leather, foaming, should be coated with a layer of hardness between 20 * hard chromium steel and nickel layer, reach the purpose of improving anilox roll surface hardness and strong.
  Chrome plated. Anilox roll to hard chromium plating, chrome plating is to increase the purpose of anilox roll surface hardness (second only to diamond), prolong the service life of abrasion resistance, chromium not only has the ability of printing ink in acid resistance, and the ability of resistance to alkali. In addition to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and heat other substances are no erosion to chrome.
  Chromium surfaces are polar bond, oil, water features, rub, rub oil after water is not easy to change color, not easy to lose luster. The thickness of the chrome layer generally is about 8 PM, the need to grind it again after chrome plating and polishing, deburring, etc to make its surface smooth level off, flung wear off about 2 PM. UV machine application in many fields, printing and plating is one of them.

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