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The UV curing machine oxidative polymerization drying

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    Can all colors are colors of various proportion, which is a mixture of ink color change, is the use of this law. Like color printing ink amount after mixed deployment can become black. Color printing ink amount of mixing and adding different proportions of white ink, you can make different color of light gray ink.
    If the color printing ink by various mixing ratio, can allocate different color three or multicolor, but color hue to the proportion of primary colors. When two original color amount after mixing, will become the standard three; Both the original color is mixed in different proportions after deployment, can match the three into a variety of different hue, but its hue tends to be the proportion of primary color hue. In addition, any color ink, add white ink after its hue is more bright. On the contrary, after joining the black ink, the color becomes dark. The above with the primary color ink deployment into all sorts of color, it is according to the theory of three primary colors of the subtractive.

    The UV curing machine infrared printing ink drying has the following process:
    The UV curing machine oxidative polymerization drying: is a chemical process. The links of ink or infrared light oil material short chains of molecules in the role of oxygen molecules in the air, will together to form macromolecular chain. So that the viscosity increased, ink firmly stick on substrates, but not adhesion with other media. Temperature can improve the speed of oxidation polymerization.
    The UV curing machine penetration drying: is a physical process. With adsorption performance items such as paper. Fiber fabric is made up of fine fiber, when the ink coated on the surface, liquid component of ink will penetrate into the fiber, the pigment in solid material such as substrates table. Seems to have ink dry, but seep into the fiber material not volatilize or curing, so penetrating not completely dry. But the ink is dry on the surface of substrates. This method is more used in high speed offset presses, penetration drying speed is fast.
    The UV curing machine machine volatile drying: physical process. Ink of volatile substances, such as oily ink, water-based ink solvents in the water after evaporation temperature reached from liquid to gas, break through the ink film surface evaporated, the ink dry. This process is slow, and layered evaporation, surface evaporation, neri through micro surface drying. So is given priority to with evaporative dry ink layer shoulds not be too thick, drying temperature shoulds not be too high, to prevent surface drying quickly, form does not hinder the underlying breathable membrane evaporation.