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The effect of the UV lamp shade and selection

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  UV lamp shade can be cured using UV light intensity to the object surface, the reflective reflector is good or bad, directly affects the quality of the product, all internal equipped with imported aluminum reflector mirror reflectors, and compared with standard reflectors reflective effect to improve 30-40%, the UV lamp can be more than 90% of UV light reflection to the product surface, improve the work efficiency.
  UV light solid machine in the three forms at the beginning of design for the lamp shade which kind of, need to meet the needs of specific UV curing process, the following respectively introduce the UV machine chimney in the form of three kinds of focusing characteristics and USES.
  Focus on chimney design, focusing on the characteristics of the reflector is UV light in a smaller area, UV light solid machine light energy density per unit area at that point is higher, but the temperature is very high. The reflector is mainly used for curing thicker ink and dark and white, silver ink are covered. The common characteristics of this kind of UV ink is the surface layer of ink absorption moments after UV light curing film, and the membrane strongly absorbs UV light, block the UV light to the inner radiation, if the underlying ink curing the UV light to overcome the upper strong absorption. If the ink curing light energy density is not enough, even if the underlying ink still longer exposure time will not cure, it is as if the vapor pressure is not enough steamed out big marketing ". The realization of the function of the UV light solid machine also have to pay attention to UV absorbance.
  High intensity with high temperature. Used for curing area cover silver oil UV light intensity is 1.7 W/cm2, nearly 400 ° C temperature, when the paper speed below the lOm/min can be burn out. The method to solve the problem from two aspects, first, consider improving the speed of paper or plastic film, when less than a certain speed to reduce the lamp power, when you arrive at the risk of ignition temperature, the paper should be close brake light lamp, lamp with paper.

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