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To ensure normal work of the UV lamp

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  Choose the right lighting power supply, need to form a complete set of magnetic flux leakage transformer, capacitor to match the required voltage/current UV lamp, the rated power of the magnetic flux leakage transformer secondary working voltage/current / / compression degree and the capacity of the capacitor insulation coefficient/pressure/can discharge frequency and determines the UV lamp luminous efficiency/stability and longevity; The UV curing machine for UV absorbance influence the curing effect.
  Need match with fan and UV lamp power, the same note; Cannot use wind to supply air cooling tube surface, or surface temperature is too low will cause arcing arranged lights out.
  Choose a suitable reflector: UV lamp shade custom standard for concentrated lampshade lampshade.
  In the light of modern physics particle said that light is a kind of energy of the particles. Ultraviolet light is extremely important for UV curing machine. UV lamp when in use, also will have the light energy, so the light energy is what?The following answer.
  To understand is that the UV lamp light energy: in MJ/CM2. Need to use light energy meter to measure.
  Now most of the UV ink and light oil are indicated in the manufacturer's data must be 8 ow/CM soft light a few teams, irradiation distance, etc., but this label is not accurate, is not strict. Because 3 kw, 5 kw, 8 kw UV light can reach 8 ow/CM but different power of UV lamp, although the power density is the same, but the light energy to different, so it should be said that need to how much light force is accurate.
  Generally speaking, the curing conditions should be met (800-1200), MJ/CM2. And these light energy, may need light. In addition with the same power of UV lamp is equipped with a reflector, light source distance objects from the different printing. (the best distance for 15 to 20 cm) generated by the light energy also differs a lot, and power of UV lamp is chosen according to the width of the UV machine and the product needs to decide.

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