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The purpose of UV light solid machine as well as the princip

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  In general, UV equipment is not professional lithography, but an rely on chemical UV light irradiation, chemical reaction and the agglutination hardened, commonly referred to as UV hardening, UV hardening can be used in a variety of traditional printing formats, including letterpress, elastic letterpress, offset, screen printing, so the UV technology can range is very broad, such as printing paper printing, plastic printing, printed tape, printed circuit boards, chrome version printing, electronic parts, metal surface printing, printing on aluminum foil surface, etc., most of items can be printed.
  In modern times, the screen printing industry or offset printing industry, more and more occurrences of UV light curing ink. Everyone know. Compared with the traditional solvent-based inks, UV light curing ink has good gloss, stereo sense is strong, and the advantages of no harmful solvent evaporation, especially in dry ink, UV light solid ink can be instantly under UV irradiation curing, avoid the traditional solvent ink drying cycle is long, covers an area of big shortcomings, such as, greatly improving the work efficiency and quality. After UV light curing ink printing after UV light solid instant curing equipment implementation.
  The main factors affecting the quality of light solid with the wavelength of the UV lamp, energy, and the speed of conveyor belt, UV machine cooling system and so on principles of UV curing, UV lamp and related technical parameters:
  1, UV curing principle: add light initiator in a specially formulated resin (or photosensitizer), after absorption in the ultraviolet (UV) light curing equipment after high intensity of ultraviolet light, producing active free radicals, triggering polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reaction, the resin in seconds from liquid into solid.

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