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The harm of UV lamp UV equipment

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  With ultraviolet penetration efficiency as we know, UV curing equipment is suitable for transparent or translucent light curing coating, other coatings are can't use this UV curing machine.
  Coating material shape to the rules, or you will produce light shadow. Although with aluminum plate can reflect more than 90% of the ultraviolet ray, shadows will reduce to a minimum, but   still can't completely avoid shadows, and the shadow part is cannot be used.
  The UV lamp part in use process will produce ozone. Equipped with strong oxidizing, can make the surrounding equipment can produce corrosion, more can cause adverse effects on   human respiratory system. So, pay attention to the ventilation equipment workshop.
  The UV light emitted by the ultraviolet radiation, in direct illuminate human will damage the skin, also can let an eye sore, so the operator needs to wear protective glasses.
        Normal service life of the UV lamp is 1500 ~ 2000 hours, will reach the life of the ultraviolet radiation from the UV lamp generates will reduce about 15% - 15%, therefore should pay   attention to regular cleaning reflection board, and replace the UV lamp.