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UV machine in detail

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  UV machine comes with full color image, a complete, gradient the same comprehensive performance, positioning extremely accurate, scrap rate is almost zero
  Don't need to plate making, printing and quick and cheap.
  Suitable for most of the hard and soft material, wide range of applications.
  Computer automatically set pictures, pictures color personality adjustment, personality do figure.
  Faster printing speed can be adjusted manually, have fast, slowly slowly.
  Printing and coating one pace reachs the designated position, need not recolor.
  That one step, that is, seal, meet the needs of fast out of the finish the sample.
  Color scheme can be regulated according to the character, the color is optional, satisfy personalized printing.
  Sheet printing, mass production can be 24 hours a day printing.
  Computer control, digital output, equipped with professional color management software, can change anytime and anywhere.
  A machine two use, can play soft, hard, a variety of materials.
  Computer control, need not rely on the professional operators, easy to learn, a general agent to operation, greatly save the labor time and labor, time, manpower, and easily reached the effect.
  UV ink environmental protection, no volatile solvent, odor, and stimulate the adverse factors.
  Without using UV ink solvent dilution.

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