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Hybrid materials used in UV curing coatings

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  Epoxy acrylates in ultraviolet (UV) curable coating occupies a very important one of oligomer, but its viscosity is higher, in the process of curing light must want to add a large number of reactive diluent to adjust viscosity, so the research of uv-curable waterborne epoxy acrylic resin synthesis is imperative. Introduce the nano SiO2 in UV curing coatings preparation of hybrid material, can make nano SiO2 organic combination with the advantages of UV curing technology, not only improve the film scratch resistant, also can rub and weather resistance, promote the development and application of UV curing coatings.
  Using orthogonal experiment method, the UV curing epoxy resin (E - 44) (AA) and acrylic monomers as the main raw material, mixing of epoxy acrylic resin (EA), the experimental synthesis process conditions such as reaction temperature, reaction time, the dosage of catalyst and inhibitor on the influence of acrylic acid monomer conversion. Results showed that when the reaction temperature is 95 ℃, reaction time is 4.5 h, dosage of catalyst and inhibitor were E - 44, when the mass fraction of 1.5% and 0.075% of AA conversion rate of 98.27%. On this basis, by maleic anhydride (MA) and hydroxyl of the epoxy acrylic resin (EA) on the reaction, the introduction of the hydrophilic carboxyl groups on the EA, the preparation of waterborne epoxy acrylic resin (EB).
  Using Fourier - infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) of intermediate EA and EB objective product structure characterization, again confirmed by AA and E - 44 ring-opening esterification reaction to generate the EA, and MA esterification with hydroxyl EA the EB. Light initiator dosage was studied the influence of the curing degree and curing time on system, the results showed that the light initiator dosage was 3.5% and the curing time of 40 s, system have higher curing degree. Using FTIR had been used to characterize the optical structure of the cured film, found that the basic characteristics of C = C peak disappear, EB photographic performance.

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