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The advantages of UV technology in the furniture

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  The advantages of UV technology in the furniture lacquer coating process
  At present, the furniture manufacturing enterprises commonly used coating varieties are: nitrocellulose (NC) coating, acid curing coatings (AC), unsaturated resin coating (PE), polyurethane (PU) coating, ultraviolet (UV) curing coating, water-based paint (water). Shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD., specializing in the production of UV machine and related equipment
    Below for the above coating varieties, product characteristics and process conditions on a simple introduction.

First, nitrocellulose (NC)

  1, dry quickly. General paint drying time should be after 24 hours, and nitrocellulose lacquer as long as 10 minutes to dry. Thus greatly save the construction time, improve work efficiency.
  2, simple construction. Nitrocellulose coating is the product of only group share, when allocating only join the right amount of water spraying can be made that day.
  3, gloss stability: less affected by the environment.


  1, not enough fullness. Solid content is low, because of the nitro paint is difficult to form a thick film
  2, hardness is not enough. Nitrocellulose coating hardness in BH.
  3, paint film surface resistance to solvent.

 Common process:
  1, the bottom of the NC, NC. In archaize furniture (American painting), the most widely used. Performance effect mostly open effect
  2, PU bottom, NC. It's easy to solve: NC paint filling strength is poor, fullness, hardness is not enough.

  1, dip coating,
  2, spraying (including electrostatic spraying, manual spraying, computer automatic spraying)
  3, roller
  4, NC paint yellow degeneration resistance less relatively. But there are 2 years can the same yellow NC solid color paint.
  5, NC paint hardness problem. Now there are sand and paint enterprises are special research. Reached more than 2 h of the NC paint available just around the corner

Secondsolid acid coating (AC)
  1, the coating hard wear-resisting
  2, the paint film of heat resistant, water resistance, cold resistance is very high, good transparency
  3, yellow degeneration resistance is good

    Because of the paint contains free formaldehyde, to build the body damage is relatively serious, most of the enterprise is no longer use this kind of product.
Third、Unsaturated resin coating (PE)
  1, has the very good hardness, can reach more than 3 h
  2, paint can make high gloss
  3, wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistance, good heat resistance
  4, high fullness

    1, the operation is relatively complex, because of the need to join the initiator and accelerator to curing effect. The amount of initiator, promoter, in accordance with the change of temperature, humidity and change. Moreover, initiator and promoter can't transfer into the paint at the same time, otherwise easy to cause fire and explosion. Mix the paint have strict requirements.
    2, good paint activity period is short, the good paint must be finished in 25 minutes.
    3, PE paint only light products at present, no inferior smooth products.

   Common process:
    1, the bottom of the PE, PE surface
    A high degree of fullness and hardness, commonly used on the Musical Instruments, arts and crafts, ambry, speakers.
    2, the bottom of the PE, PU surface
    Have high fullness, sag resistance performance is good, commonly used on the mesa of office furniture and luxury suite furniture, such as new classical furniture series)

    Common construction methods:
    The manual spraying

    The future development:
    1, PE automatic spraying equipment, now has set up a part of the furniture factory in popularization and application.
    2, PE paint spray coating, because the problem of activation period, has been trapped around the furniture enterprises. But at present, from construction technology, has been able to solve this problem, namely: high crown UV mechanical technology co., LTD. To set the initiator of the mixture with reaction mixture on the front panel of the accelerator, with flat and curing in order to achieve.

Four, polyurethane coatings (PU)
Fullness, hardness, transparency, China furniture BBS has a good performance
    2、Stable work performance is good, the product stability is higher
    3、Can cooperate with other varieties of paint, make a different expression effect is a kind of excellent comprehensive properties of paint. Also the most widely used.

   1, poor construction in NC lacquer
   2, fullness, hardness difference in PE paint

    Common process:
    1、At the end of the PU, PU surface: the most common process
    2、At the end of PE, PU surface: showed high fullness, sag resistance is strong, suitable for high-grade furniture production
    3、PU sole, NC: with good fullness and fast construction
    4、At the end of the UV, PU surface: the most promising technology, high efficiency, excellent product quality
    5、At the end of the PU, W: there is a certain fullness, strong environmental protection 'z O/nCa?

  Common construction methods:
    1、Spraying (hand spray, spray computer)
    2、Primer roller (not used)
    3、Curtain coating (top and bottom)

Fifth、Ultraviolet (UV) curing coatings
    1、As one of the most environmentally friendly paint variety at present
    2、High solid content
    3、Good hardness and high transparency
    4、Excellent resistance to yellow degeneration
    5、The activation period is long
    6、High efficiency, low coating cost (normal is half the conventional coating cost) is the efficiency of the conventional coating dozens of times.

    1、Equipment investment required
    2、To have a sufficient supply of goods to meet their production needs. Continuous production in order to demonstrate its efficiency and cost   control.
    3、The effect of the roller coating paint showed slightly in PU paint products.
    4、Roller coating product requirements been painted for the plane.

 Common process:
    1、UV, UV surface
    2、UV, PU surface (the most widely used)

 Common construction mode:
    1、Roll end of UV coating, spray P U face (solid color, transparent paint are available)
    2、End of roller coated UV roller coating UV surface (solid color, transparent paint are available)
    3、Roll end of UV coating, curtain coating UV surface (solid color, transparent paint are available)
    4、End of spray UV spray UV surface (solid color, transparent paint are available)

 The future development:
    1、Through the application of the paint research and development of new varieties and new equipment, to further improve the performance of the roller coating finish effect, in order to reach the surface of the PU paint effect.
    2、Solve the roller coated UV product hard technique and technology of the light effect.
    3、Solid color UV paint roller coated with curtain coating has been applied in some advanced factory, but still need to be perfected.