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UV machine 10 matters that should pay attention to daily use

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  1, daily maintenance, can make the machine run more smoothly, and extend the use fixed number of year of the machine, improve production efficiency.
  2, the machine UV indoor cleaning once a week at least, electrical switchboard clean once a month and check whether the screw is fall off, convulsions motor dust removal of the fan blade every three months, grounding line out, to ensure the maintenance of good operation and test quality machine.
  3, the machine, the environment requires are best aspirant exhaust duct to outdoor, native roof vents must pay attention to clean, eli ventilation cooling.
  4, the lamp don't direct contact with the hand, if in contact with the tube please try with alcohol (95%).
  5, the machine UV chamber, reflective aluminum, tubes, with industrial alcohol cleaning once a week, whether fixed wing nut screw locking, in order to avoid poor contact, to ensure the maintenance of good operation and test quality machine.
  6, lamp porcelain head if there is dust, must often wipe clean to prevent poor contact.
  7, the lid of the machine, please do not place any items so as not to affect the performance of the machine.
  8, the machine will stop use after the switch "ON", let the exhauster continue to convulsions cooling tube in order to extend the lamp life, about 6 to 8 minutes after the machine will automatically shut off the power.
  9, check whether overtemperature prevent device (thermostat) set correctly, check the temperature sensor cable out.
  10, control box vent, box under the exhaust emitted at the same time, in order to avoid dust pollution clean room control box, and can maintain control box interesting avoid electrical parts damaged early.