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The working principle of the tunnel furnace, rounding

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The tunnel furnace works:
  1.The working principle of drying line is generally utilize infrared to heating furnace, and then interior is ceramic and stainless steel, the infrared light on every corner of the furnace, and uniform heating, the energy to the object.
  2.The infrared drying line is a kind of using infrared technology team in furnace heating equipment products and food, also is a kind of food are common on market at present is drying line. The traditional drying line is to use coal and oil as fuel for heating. Since the energy crisis, countries all over the world to improve the efficiency of energy use and development of the energy diversification, have developed a variety of conservation and alternative energy technologies. Radiation heating method due to its particularity was confirmed as one of the most efficient heating and drying technology, and is widely used to replace the traditional hot air heating and drying system.
  3.Dry wet materials by belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper, and then through the hopper feeder through the feeding tube into the feed end. The feed pipe slope should be greater than the natural inclination of materials, so that the material flow into the dryer smoothly. Dryer cylinder is a horizontal line slightly tilted into the rotation of the cylinder. Material from high end to join, heating medium from low-end to enter, and material into a counter-current contact, there is also a heating medium with materials and flow into the cylinder. With the rotation of the cylinder material by gravity to run to the bottom on the lower side. Wet materials in the process of cylinder body move forward, directly or indirectly get the heating medium for heat, to dry the wet material, and then by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. Inside the cylinder wall with copy board, its role is to put the material copy up and again, the contact surface is increased and the air flow of material, in order to improve the drying rate and promote the material progress. Heating medium is generally divided into the hot air and flue gas, etc. After heating medium by the dryer, generally need to cyclone with materials in the gas trap. For further reducing exhaust dust content, but also put again after a bag filter or wet precipitator emissions.

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