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Learn the difference between the oven and the oven

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The difference between the oven and the oven: 
  1. The type of oven is more, and types of oven is relatively less; In addition, the comparison of oven in industry application, while the oven is mainly used in food baking in daily life, it is wrong to confuse the oven and oven, both the distinction that having essence. 
  2. Often hear customer said he would buy the oven, the personage inside course of study all know, the oven is food, is a kind of seal is used to roast food or drying products of electric appliances, divided into household oven and industrial ovens. Household oven can be used for some homemade pasta. Like bread, pizza, also can do the egg tart pastry, biscuit. The oven is industrial class, is a kind of industrial used to drying product drying equipment, electric gas, also can be called oven, drying oven, etc. There is a big difference between both.
  3. The oven is divided into specialized in electronics industry by industry oven, oven for instrument and meter industry, plastic and rubber industry professional dedicated oven drying oven, electrical equipment industry, machinery industry dedicated oven, oven for synthetic fiber industry, wood industry dedicated oven, oven for friction materials, and so on. According to performance can be divided into programmable baking boxes, precision oven nitrogen oven, vacuum oven, explosion-proof drying oven, electric drum wind drying oven, hot air circulation drying oven, etc. 
 4. The oven shell generally made of steel sheet, the surface of the lacquer that bake, the structure of the working chamber is made of high quality steel plate production. Shell filled with aluminum silicate fiber with studio. At the bottom of the heater installation, can also be placed at the top or sides, intelligent temperature control instrument adopts digital display table, PID regulation. Configuration 999.99 hours time controller and connected to alarm device, this makes the operation of the oven is more convenient, shortcut and effective.
    Tunnel oven is mainly made of stainless steel or stainless steel chain mesh belt transmission, for different products, according to the different requirements of any suitable speed regulation.
.   Tunnel oven electric heating element is made of high quality quartz glass tube or fixed to the far infrared radiator heating element, with high radiation coefficient, low energy consumption, heating up fast, and the characteristics of small.
    Tunnel oven high efficiency air filter, the fed can purify air, and export has a high efficiency filter, unclean air flow, high throttle control air valve at the same time. The machine has a hot, constant temperature zone, cooling zone, cooling zone, the temperature range for - 200 ℃ and at room temperature to 300 degrees Celsius.

    The tunnel oven in addition to the frame, are all made of stainless steel, heat preservation material used aluminum silicate fiber, has good performance for keep temperature.
    .With a voltmeter, ammeter, and digital display temperature controller is equipped with motor, speed governor electric equipment such as configuration, ensure the normal operation of equipment.