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Effects of UV light curing performance reasons

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There are what are the reasons that influence the properties of UV curing lights:
  Infrared radiation density: most of the infrared radiation is emitted by the UV source bubble of quartz infrared energy. Infrared energy with the UV energy is collected and focused on the work surface. Were determined by IR reflectance and the efficiency of the reflector. The IR radiation of energy can be converted to or radiometric units. But generally, it produced by the surface temperature is the important place being noticed. The heat generated by the it helpful and could be harmful. The working principle of the UV curing machine the main point is to use UV light. In combination with UV lamp solve the relationship between temperature and the IR technology has many.
  UV radiation (Irradiance) : radiation is reach the surface of the radiated power per unit area. Radiation, in watts per square centimeter or hao tile. System with tubes of output power, efficiency, reflection of focus and the distance to the surface. (it is tubes and geometry feature, it has nothing to do with the speed.) Directly under the UV lamp focusing power reference for the high strength, peak peak radiation intensity. Radiometric includes all about power, efficiency, radiation output, reflectivity, focusing the light bulb size and geometric shape factors. Due to the absorption characteristics of UV can be solidified materials to the surface under the light energy is much less than the surface. In these regions may be significantly different curing conditions. Optical thickness thick material (or high absorbent, or physical structure of thick, or both) may reduce light efficiency, resulting in inadequate curing deep materials. In the ink or coating, the surface of high radiation degree will provide relatively high light energy. Curing depth is more affected by radiation degree rather than a long exposure time (radiation). The curing degree of UV curing machine determines the ultraviolet absorbance.
  UV radiation reaches the surface radiation energy per unit area. Amount of photon radiation said reaches the surface (rate) and the radiation intensity is arrived. At any given light source, the radiation is inversely proportional to the speed and is proportional to the number of exposure. Radiation is the radiation time accumulated to Joules per square centimeters, or turn miliJoules said. Its significance is that it is the only exist including the characteristics of the speed parameters and exposure time.