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The development of high and new technology of UV machine

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  The UV curing machine of the development of high and new technology
  Epoxy acrylate (EA, epoxy acrylate) is composed of epoxy resin and (meth) acrylic acid under the action of catalyst ring-opening esterification was prepared, it has good comprehensive performance, not only widely applied, and consumption is also the biggest uv-curable oligomers. With the development of UV curing machine of high and new technology and the enhancement of environment protection, the EA its high viscosity, high temperature resistant, poor adhesion and not use diluent monomer is easy to cause environmental pollution shortcomings, attaches great importance to by the people, so on modification to improve its performance and EA on EA water-borne modification to reduce the usage of diluent monomer has great significance.
  Researchers to EA was modified to improve its resistance to high temperature cured coatings, such as performance, on the basis of the modified monomers and synthetic alternative, after detailed study on them, choose suitable monomer as EA modification monomer, and with the monomer through blending, grafting, and three methods for EA modified waterborne research, has reached the high performance processing for EA resin and modified waterborne effect.
  For the purpose of the research, the need of the UV curing phenolic hydroxyl, sulfonamide and fluorine atoms in acrylamide molecular structure, the synthesis of N - [(4 - bromine - 3, 5 - two fluorine) phenyl] acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: BDPA), N - (4 - sulfonamide phenyl) acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: ASPAA) and N - (4 - hydroxy phenyl) acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: AHPAA) three kinds of modified monomer, and the thermal stability and solubility of comparative research, the sifting BDPA as the modification of epoxy resin monomer. Optimize the synthetic process of BDPA, get the suitable process conditions for synthesis of BDPA: charge 1.15% of the total quality of triethylamine as catalyst, the reaction time of 4 h, the reaction temperature 0 ℃, acryloyl chloride with 4 - bromine - 3, 5 - two fluoro aniline molar ratio of 1.1:1, under the condition of the art, the product purity and yield stability of BDPA, quality production rate is as high as 62.5%.

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