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The UV curing machine silica silicone key

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  After professionals of three kinds of AB < 'type 3 > monomer (M - M - 1, 2, M - 3) in preparation of chloroplatinic acid catalytic reaction under the action of the three kinds of hyperbranched poly (silica base silane (P - P - 1, 2, P - 3). Detailed introduced under the catalysis of anhydrous ferric trichloride gamma - propyl methyl acryloyl oxygen top oxygen radicals silane (gamma MPS) or vinyl silane (VTMS) and three oxygen radicals chlorosilane reaction process and its mechanism. Were different from that of the chlorosilane hydrolysis of hyperbranched polysiloxane was prepared, this method greatly simplifies the synthesis of hyperbranched containing Si - O - Si process of polysiloxane. By FTIR, < '> 1 h-nmr, 13 C - NMR >, < <' '29 > Si - NMR, the SEC/MALLS and element analysis to characterize the molecular structure of polymer, the experiments have shown that UV curing machine alkoxy silane can be easily in anhydrous ferric chloride and chloride under catalytic reaction of silane and silica silicone key UV curing machine. Compared to two kinds of silane alkoxy silane and chlorine reaction conditions found that because of the effect of steric effect, relative to the gamma - methyl acryloyl oxygen propyl silane three oxygen radicals, vinyl silane easier and three oxygen radicals react chlorosilane.
  After end group Hp of hyperbranched polymer containing silicon hydrogen bond and vinyl triene propyl silane (VTAS) under the action of platinum carbon catalyst for preparation of the UV light curing reactions of hyperbranched poly (silica base silane Hp - vi. Using FTIR. "' > 1 h-nmr, 13 C - NMR >, < < ' '29 > Si - NMR and SEC/MALLS representation to determine the molecular structure of the polymer. Was studied by UV - DSC polymer in different atmosphere of temperature, light intensity and ultraviolet curing behavior of UV curing machine, pointed out that under the condition of the heat flow curve on the relationship between the time and conversion. In the use of mathematical software Matlab7.1 fitting the experimental data and dynamic equation, kinetic parameters are obtained.