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The preparation of polymers of UV curing machine

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  The UV curing machine preparation of polymers and its curing coating properties
  Epoxy acrylate (EA, epoxy acrylate) is composed of epoxy resin and (meth) acrylic acid under the action of catalyst ring-opening esterification was prepared, it has excellent comprehensive performance, is currently the most widely used, dosage biggest uv-curable oligomers. With UV curing machine of high and new technology development and improvement of environmental protection, high viscosity, EA itself is not high temperature resistant, poor adhesion and easy to cause environmental pollution shortcomings using dilution monomer, increasingly aroused people's concern, therefore the EA modification to improve its performance and water-borne modification was carried out on the EA in order to reduce the use of the dilute monomer has the important practical significance.
 To EA was modified to improve its resistance to high temperature cured coatings, such as performance, we sankun technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. On the basis of the synthetic alternatives modification monomer, through the study of their physical and chemical properties, then pick the suitable monomer as EA modification monomer, and the monomer through blending, grafting, and three methods for EA modified waterborne research, in order to achieve the high performance processing for EA resin and the effect of the modified waterborne.
 To achieve the above research, we first put the UV curing machine of phenolic hydroxyl, sulfonamide and fluorine atoms in acrylamide molecular structure, the synthesis of N - [(4 - bromine - 3, 5 - two fluorine) phenyl] acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: BDPA), N - (4 - sulfonamide phenyl) acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: ASPAA) and N - (4 - hydroxy phenyl) acrylamide (hereinafter referred to as: AHPAA) three kinds of modified monomer, and the thermal stability and solubility of comparative research, the sifting BDPA as the modification of epoxy resin monomer. Optimize the synthetic process of BDPA, get the suitable process conditions for synthesis of BDPA: charge 1.15% of the total quality of triethylamine as catalyst, the reaction time of 4 h, the reaction temperature 0 ℃, acryloyl chloride with 4 - bromine - 3, 5 - two fluoro aniline molar ratio of 1.1:1, under the condition of the process, the purity and yield of the product BDPA stability, quality production rate of 62.5%.
 To understand BDPA dissolve performance in different solvents, facilitate BDPA at EA modified to choose the appropriate solvent system, this experiment adopts BDPA is determined by dynamic method in benzene, toluene, methanol, ethanol, pyridine and acetonitrile solvent solubility data, and by using Apelblat equation, lambda h equation and Wilson equation of solubility data correlation. The results show that the Apelblat equation, lambda h equation and Wilson equation of total average relative deviation is 1.06%, 0.93% and 9.65% respectively. Of BDPA solubility in methanol, ethanol mixed solvent system is measured, using Apelblat equation and lambda h equation was carried out on the solubility data of associations, the study found that Apelblat equation and lambda h equation the total average relative deviation is 0.19% and 0.39% respectively.
    Acrylate was synthesized using BDPA pre polymers ARBDPA in order to realize the blending modification of EA. Study and ARBDPA/EA blend coating preparation technology was optimized, in this process under the condition of the preparation of ARBDPA/EA curing coating, 5 h hardness, adhesion level 1, 25 MPa tensile strength. Thermal analysis results show that the blending coating carbon residue rate 18%, three times greater than that of the EA coating carbon residue rate. Using precipitation of BDPA ARBDPA intermediates/MMA/MAA polymerization kinetics study, get the reaction kinetic equation for {Rp ∝ (AIBN) 0.314 [BDPA] 0.864 1.983 (MAA) (MMA) 0.965 exp (98.4 x 103 / RT)}.
 With BPO as initiator by using free radical copolymerization introduce BDPA EA, modified EA with ultraviolet (UV) curing. Modified EA 28 MPa, the tensile strength of the cured coating adhesion level 0, 5 h hardness. Of modified and unmodified EA EA curing coating on mechanical properties and thermal performance study found that the viscosity of the modified EA, coating adhesion, hardness and other performance indicators are better than the unmodified EA, tensile strength higher than that of pure EA 86%; Thermal analysis results show that the modified EA curing coating carbon residue rate was 10.9%, and the unmodified EA carbon residue rate is 6.2%, obviously improve the thermal stability of modified EA.
 UV curing machine by using infrared spectroscopy on the influencing factors of modified EA light curing rate study showed that the samples after 40 s irradiation curing system of double bond conversion rate reached 88%, light curing rate decreases with the increase of modified EA content in the system. Cracking type initiator lead to efficiency is higher than 819 seize the hydrogen type initiator diphenyl ketone; TPGDA (1, 6 - diol double acrylate) and TMPTA (trimethylolpropane three acrylate) compared to the more beneficial to the improvement of the modified EA curing system activity.
 Used in this study the preparation of modified EA resin further synthesis of the UV curing machine water-based EA, and the preparation of waterborne EA instead turn technology using water medium. Compared to not add BDPA water-based EA, curing coating and tensile strength increased by 10 MPa to 19 MPa, adhesion by higher level 1 to level 0, bibulous rate is from 12.7% to 6.2%, the hardness increased from 4 H to 5 H, carbon residue rate has no obvious improvement.
  Single scanning method and multiple scan method study the thermal decomposition kinetics of water-based EA some curing coating. Get EA some water curing coating the second phase of the pyrolysis mechanism of differential function is f = (1 - alpha) 2 (alpha), pyrolysis activation energy of 206.7 KJ mol - 1, dynamics model for alpha {d/dT = 2.24 * 1015 * (1 - alpha) 2 exp (206.7 x 103 / RT)}.
 Comprehensive research results show that for BDPA modified monomers, the preparation of a series of UV curing pre polymer monomers, curing coating heat resistance, adhesion, the tensile strength and other properties are better than that of the unmodified EA coating, to expand the EA theory research and application has a guiding significance.