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UV light curing hydrophilic aluminum foil coated materials

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  Shenzhen sankun technology co., LTD. The new thought of synthesis, using light crosslinking curing for UV curing machine preparation of hydrophilic coating, preparation technology meet the requirements of coating hydrophilic, at the same time has a low curing temperature, low energy consumption, less organic solvent volatilization characteristics.。
  Using hydroxypropyl acrylate and acrylic acid ester and hydrophilic monomer solution copolymerization, low molecular weight was the hydrophilicity of acrylate copolymer, introducing photosensitive monomer GMA, light-sensitive hydrophilic resin, and then UV curing light curing got behind in membrane hydrophilic acrylic resin coating system. Molecular weight adjustment process conditions was first in 1300, dispersion of acrylic copolymer was 1.85; By acid-base titration, respectively by iodine volume method for the esterification rate and the double bond of light-sensitive hydrophilic resin content were determined, it was found that the best conditions for grafting GMA: reaction temperature is 108 ℃, reaction time is 2.5 h, the mass fraction of 1.2% hydroquinone, tetrabutyl ammonium bromide mass fraction of 2%; Using X-ray photoelectron (XPS), surface contact Angle and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and other means to characterize the coating, discusses the preprocessing of aluminum foil, monomer proportion, and active diluent kinds and dosage, the amount of GMA and curing time on the influence of coating performance, made the early hydrophilic Angle is 14.2 °, continuous hydrophilic Angle is 35.1 °, the weightlessness rate was 1.61% of the UV curing acrylic resin hydrophilic coating.
  At the same time, we use acidic silicasol and hydroxypropyl acrylate under the condition of reduced pressure distillation dehydration condensation reaction, containing unsaturated double bond was hybrid sol, and then light got behind by the membrane made silicon sol - HPA compound hydrophilic coating. Of silica sol and hydroxypropyl acrylate tracked the dehydration condensation process, the experiment found within 0 ~ 20 min off water to free water and hydrogen bonding, 20 ~ 120 minutes off the main water molecules bound water. With the laser particle size (DLS) the hybrid sol particle size were characterized, and found that grain size increases with the increase of reaction time, and when the reaction time of more than 100 min after the particle size decreased slightly. We also discussed the ratio of silica sol and HPA, condensation time, condensation temperature effect on the properties of coating film, made the early hydrophilic Angle is 16.8 °, continuous hydrophilic Angle is 32.2 °, weightlessness rate for 1.78% of the UV curing silicon sol - HPA compound hydrophilic coating.