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The UV industry development and the direction of the market

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The UV curing industry development and the direction of the market
(1)The development of UV curing technology
  There was a saying that the UV ink is easy to cause skin cancer, therefore, before 1990, UV printing and UV glazing development situation is not good in Western Europe. Until the 1990 s, UV printing started in a narrow web flexographic printing and offset printing machine application. There are some magazines in 1998, the European started to discuss the UV printing, the conclusion is: in the process of curing reaction, add light initiator can release benzene, benzene have carcinogenic risk. Soon, the cationic type of UV ink market is on the brink of collapse. After that, when using UV ink printing industry all adopt radiation type of UV ink products.
(2)The present situation of the UV curing technology
  In recent years, due to the increasingly fierce competition, the compound UV printing has attracted much attention in Europe. In addition, as a result of UV ink on silk screen printing on the PVC, polyester and other substrates have excellent performance, some anti-counterfeiting printing ink must be under UV technology in the auxiliary to printing, coupled with the pressure of environmental protection, the application of UV technology in the field of screen printing also gradually increasing. Rapid development of the market especially narrow UV flexographic printing and packaging (UV flexographic printing is regarded as the quality is better than that of solvent-based flexographic printing and ordinary offset printing).
  The wide application of Uv technology, the Uv equipment (Uv curing machine, Uv light solid machine, Uv light curing machine) is also popular. What is hindered the development of the uv machine technology today? Including extension UV ink color gamut, these have become the target of equipment manufacturers, suppliers to to solve. For future UV inkjet printing, the following aspects worthy of our expectation.
(1)Although UV printing equipment in achieving the same effect, compared with traditional solvent inkjet printer ink, does not have a cost advantage, therefore the UV printing equipment suppliers, in order to expand the customer base, take the initiative to decrease the cost of UV ink and printing equipment has become the top priority.
(2)Third party UV inkjet ink supplier is moving towards the market step by step.
  Ink, including TriangleDigital and sun chemical enterprise has been in for special printing enterprise custom-made production of the UV curing ink HexiJetFlashCureUV inkjet ink, the ink's biggest characteristics is that only a small amount of UV curing energy can make the ink finish curing in contact with the surface of substrates and at the same time. Compared with the previous UV ink, very little energy can be achieved completely cured. Curing is more likely to mean in thinner substrates on UV printing, without fearing it curly, of course it also means that can realize higher printing speed.
  Because of UV ink and coating production with high efficiency, good performance, in recent years, the application of UV curing technology in printing industry is on the rise. UV curing technology has been applied in the traditional process, not only in the new technology has been applied, such as UV inkjet printing, mixed ink printing. There is no doubt that the application of UV curing technology in the future will continue to grow. UV curing technology includes both the UV ink and UV coating, in gelatine printing paper printing, offset printing, offset printing, glazing, flexographic printing, screen printing, large format inkjet printing, intaglio printing, and other fields were applied.
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