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The advantages and disadvantages of UV light solid machine

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  With the development of the society, the progress of science and technology of all kinds of advanced equipment recruited into the factory, the uv equipment is not exceptional also, its application is more common, but we can't blind to use the equipment, we at the time of use must be based on their advantages and disadvantages to reasonable use, so that we can improve the efficiency of uv machine work, the following simple analysis under uv light solid machine's strengths, weaknesses, and convenient in the later days we use mechanical equipment.
  The advantage of uv light solid machine
  Green: component USES the curing film, harm to the health of construction operation personnel and the environment pollution is almost zero, component does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, TDI in heavy metal.  
  Save resources: the uv paint, the product fast curing speed, save a lot of manpower and space. Coating products to improve surface hardness, colour and lustre is bright beautiful; After drying can make up the surface to achieve high hardness, high gloss, resistance to friction and solvent effect. High production efficiency.
The disadvantage of uv light solid machine
 Uv ultraviolet lamp life short, relative harm to human body. According to research, ultraviolet harm to people is mainly to the injury of the skin, light person can make the skin burns, sunburnt skin appears dry, rough, wrinkle easily, appear aging, serious when may also cause skin cancer.Uv damage to the eyes is very serious, especially for the elderly, can significantly increase the chances of cataracts.
  Know the after, we later in the use of uv light solid machine is reasonable use, to reduce the equipment damage to myself on the basis of improving work efficiency.