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About the UV curing machine UV lamp power

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  The application of UV curing machine is very wide, not only be used in print, electronic, and also has been employed in building materials, machinery and other industries. The uv curing machine is a kind of device can take advantage of the strong ultraviolet ray, it can be wide instantaneous drying and drying. To introduce the below is the UV equipment in the choice of the UV lamp power.
  The choice of the UV lamp power affects the working effect of light source system. The UV lamp power of UV light radiant energy, also known as the penetration. First of all, it must meet the UV ink absorption spectrum of the wavelength and power density. If the UV lamp power is not enough, even if the illumination, longer, UV curing unit the number of times, more products are not completely cured. Instead, still can make UV ink surface aging, closed, brittle, etc., at the same time, the adhesion of ink is not good, can make dieyin poor adhesion between the layers. Because of the low power UV light cannot penetrate the ink layer at the bottom, the bottom not curing or inadequate curing. Second, UV lamp power tend to meet the requirements of 80 ~ 120 w/cm, but the greater the power, the greater the heat will be, so to choose according to different curing and curing speed power.
  In addition, the UV lamp is one of the biggest life generally for 800-800 hours, reached after should be replaced, because by this time period of the intensity of the ultraviolet light emitted by the UV lamp, can affect the curing effect. Also suggested that during the using period according to the production environment, at the appropriate time with anhydrous ethanol clean tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then transfer the UV lamp 90 °. This will achieve better effect.
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