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The application of UV technology in industries

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Electronic products UV coating equipment:
  Fiber optic point light uv curing machine, portable uv curing machine, LCD products uv curing machine, uv adhesive curing machine, small desktop uv curing machine, uv curing oven, all test cases.
Different product UV coating:
  On the surface of UV coating equipment: stone, artificial stone, ceramic tile, helmets.
  Surface curing equipment, penholder, bottle.
  On the surface of uv coating equipment: jewelry box, pen holder, sound.
  The metal surface paint roller coating equipment.
Leather surface UV coating equipment
  Leather surface elasticity of UV light oil curing machine, leather finishing UV glazing machine, sole of UV irradiation
Plastic and electronic categories:
  Dust purification, mobile toys, electrical appliances shell UV coating machine, UV curing machine for PCB, photosensitive uniform line oil roller coating machine, laser laser wheel roller coating machine
Carpentry coating equipment:
  Nc shower curtain and pu lacquer surface roller coating machine production line, the ambry door plank, stairs, wooden doors, wooden line, uv coating production line, the floor coating on the surface of uv coating production lines, plate furniture nc, pu or uv roller coating primer and paint equipment, primer fill the roller coating equipment, shower curtain machine. Five and six sides UV curing machine.
Form a complete set of uv printing equipment:
  Wrinkles machine, ice machine, snow machine, printing and packaging matching uv glazing machine, uv curing machine, water-cooled uv curing system, the Indian iron tank equipped with uv curing system