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The UV dryer technology brochure

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The uv dryer technical information:
  1. Most of the UV light contains two kinds of UV wavelength, the two wavelengths at the same time. Shortwave work on the surface, deep long wave function in the printing ink or Lacquer. This is due to the energy absorbed by the surface of short wave can't go into the deep. Shortwave underexposure can cause surface sticky, and the lack of long wave energy may lead to difficulties.
  2. The CD in the production of uv dryer used in two aspects, namely protect glue drying and printing ink drying.
  A. protection glue: glue the cover are almost by spraying - rotation (spinning) this way. Then under the UV exposure. Exposure of the way there are many kinds of, can be roughly divided into: rotating or not rotating way; Focus, focus from coke or no way.
  B. rotating way: this way is to put the DISC fixed rotate under UV light, set its surface Yu Zaijiao or within a certain distance away from the focal UV lamp. While rotating way seems to be one of the DISC surface to provide uniform exposure of the good way, but it doesn't have to be. If the UV lamp in focus within or near the focus, a strong light will be through the center of the CD. When the disc rotates, continued exposure, the center and edge only received two short according to (into) the "flash" UV light. This can lead to uv dryer drying bad edges.
  In addition, more machinery uv curing machine, silk-screen printing machine, drying machine, uv light curing machine, PCB equipment, drying oven, uv light solid machine interaction can better work.

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