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The four advantages of UV light solid machine

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  Uv dryer is the use of external heat source to dehydration of containing water material, reduce the water content of machinery and equipment, the equipment complex, use and maintenance is difficult. Good operation of equipment, not only can guarantee the normal production, can also prolong the service life of equipment, appropriate to reduce the production cost, so the correct operation and strengthening maintenance of the equipment maintenance is necessary.
Daily operation notice:
  First check each unit joint bearing and seal part of the presence of loose, dryer parts of lubricating oil and the valve port, whether in the required position. And then check whether the voltage and the instrument to normal power supply is connected, if there is a problem should be ruled out in time. Then, in turn, open fan, exhaust fan, then open the heating switch started to heat up. After the normal operation of equipment, should also be regularly receiving, regularly check the system running situation, record the process parameters. At the end of the operation, should first close heating device, stop the gas machine running.When the inlet temperature decreases to below 100 ℃ after can stop the operation of the blower and exhauster. Then clean up the remaining material inside the fuselage, close the dust catcher, finally shut off the main power supply, complete the operation. In case of emergency, must immediately shut down the equipment. If a sudden power outage, the heat source should be closed, it is natural cooling to the machine, and cleaning equipment.

Maintenance and maintenance:
  The dryer should be regular cleaning, preventive maintenance and help to find problems in time, solve the potential problem, reduce downtime, ensure normal and stable production. Equipment running for a long time or because of improper operation, some parts will appear in aggregate and affect the normal operation, the need to stop work for cleaning. For the fan, should check the shaft and bearing is lack of oil heating, vibration, noise, etc., necessary cleaning the blades and the balance of the blades do proofreading.
 For heater, should check whether the heat pipe is normal, when necessary, cleaning oil pipe, oil pump, nozzle three filters. In addition, the presence of fever, should also pay attention to the uv dryer in motor vibration, different sound, and so on and so forth, the controller of instrument and electrical work is normal, etc. In addition, the equipment running 2 400 h (generally) during production, required by local collapse and maintenance of equipment maintenance personnel.

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