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The importance of the UV machine in inkjet ink application

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  UV inkjet ink as a new type of environmentally friendly ink, for its energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency advantages by more and more attention, and become a hot topic in the research, has great prospects for development. At present, the overseas market of ink has been in the application, and in the related fields of technology research and development in our country is still in its infancy, so the study of UV inkjet ink has a realistic significance. And on the basis of test in laboratory for UV inkjet ink pilot scattered, filtering technology research, for UV inkjet ink market-oriented production has very important significance. UV light solid machine are significant in many fields.
  The results show that the grinding, grinding size, speed and time YanJi ratio and feed speed has a great influence on the UV inkjet ink pilot dispersion. According to the best of dispersion process of grinding ink, you can get good dispersancy of ink printing ink, preparation of ink printing ink can reach more than 95% less than 0.5 um. Microporous membrane filter material, structure, and the aperture, the filtering process has a great influence on the UV inkjet ink filtering effect, used to determine the best filter criteria and process can obtain good filtering effect, effectively control the ink particle size. The roughness of the surface tension of the ink to print line has a great influence, have an effect on the contrast and density of line, of the ambiguity of line and line width had little impact; Ink viscosity of the roughness of line, the fuzzy degree has a great influence, on the line width of line, contrast and density. According to the formula to determine the optimal configuration of UV inkjet printing ink the beam performance close to the imported ink, can meet the requirements of computer printing. Computer printing ink print lines of roughness, ambiguity, line width, contrast and density approximation performance and imported ink printing proof.

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