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How to select the voltage and current UV light?

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How to select the voltage and current UV light?
Design the UV lamp, to determine A total power, to determine the voltage V, current J and tube diameter D.
  Lamp power is according to the customer actual printing process needs to determine 9 lamp voltage is mainly determined according to length of tube, because the electronic velocity is determined by the potential difference per unit length.So the AV voltage is VLAV type tubes - voltage difference unit length;
L - lamp luminous length;
V - lamp voltage.
P = according to the formula to determine the current L again, pay attention to the AV is not always involves a filling of mercury in the tube.
  Tube voltage and current to determine the factors as follows.
  ①Lamp current density. Current density between general adjusted to 1.7 4 A/cm2, such as tube, 22.5 mm in diameter to between 5.3 to 9.4 A current. Causes a current density is not too small, or ultraviolet light output efficiency is low; Secondly, the current shoulds not be too large, or circuit heat loss is big, the other circuit is not safe.
  ②The UV lamp voltage. Determine the current is calculated from formula P = voltage. Foreign tube design method on the contrary, mostly choose high current low voltage. This design big power consumption, low voltage but relatively safe.