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The advantages of UV light curing technology

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  UV curing technology began to embody one of the main advantages is the initial capital investment is less, the UV curing system compared with hot air drying equipment investment, UV curing systems in terms of investment in equipment can save 80% of their money. Other advantage of UV light curing is improves the production efficiency, improve the quality of printing quality and make the printing quality. In addition, the most prominent advantages of the UV curing light not in the printing workshop emissions VOCs organic volatiles and the surrounding environment.
  UV light curing system of maintenance and operation is simple,it is also an advantage of UV light curing.UV light curing system belongs to the advanced technology, the start when use may feel UV light curing system maintenance and control of some complex. Actual situation, however, a set of UV curing system operation and maintenance is simple, UV light solid machine downtime optimization to a minimum, UV light curing system of easy maintenance, easy to operate.
  Maintain good UV system is the key to work out a preventive maintenance plan, and the maintenance of UV light curing system according to the plan. That means need to often check UV light curing system comprehensively, including work from top to bottom to overhaul. Check items including the UV lamp, lamp shade, and mirror gasket, and check the mercury relays, capacitors and other electronic components, etc.

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