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The influence of curing UV machine power of products

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The influence of curing UV machine power of products
  For the current common printing industry, with the continuous development of science and technology, UV light curing technology has become an indispensable part of industry, UV printing process apparently has become a new technology of printing industry hot today. However, UV light curing equipment power is inconsistent with the printing products, is a great influence on curing products.Because we all know, the main factors influencing the product curing membrane is the size of the UV lamp power. Give you A simple example: A UV ink curing requirement need 1000 mj energy, existing A, B two kinds of UV lamp, A lamp power full power to work for 1800 mj; B tubes full power work when the power is 1000 mj. Then, take A lamp light ink, ink hardness after curing; B lamp light ink, it will be cured ink for A property than for A slightly more flexible. Actually, flexibility, really want to make sure ink after curing the UV printing ink itself will begin, first of all to select the appropriate UV ink, and then combined with UV, the ratio of suitable UV light solid machine, in this way can the ideal curing effect.
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