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UV light solid machine is the main reason for the popularity

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 A lot of products have a few names, take, UV light solid machine, UV light solid machine and UV curing machine. In short, it is used for surface treatment of machine. Widely used in the paper, PVC, plastic products use UV coating, printing ink layer after curing. But do you know why the UV light solid machine so popular? Mainly from the following four:
  1, instant drying: remove waiting for drying time, shorten the painting process time.
  2, with three kun technology co., LTD. Shenzhen direct collocation: can connect drum or sprinkle the episodic coating machine, coating after finished products directly to dry, from handling trouble.
  3, improve surface hardness of coating material, colour and lustre is bright beautiful.
  4, dry broad functions: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, glasses, leather and other dry after using UV paint coating. In this way can we achieve the effect of high quality, also is equivalent to raise the efficiency of UV light solid machine. Efficiency is life, and the quality is the soul of its.
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