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UV machine use process should pay attention to the problem

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In machine of UV light curing process should pay attention to the following points.
  ①Free radicals produce rate is a key factor in ink curing rate. Therefore increases the UV light intensity and increase the light initiator concentration increases easier curing rate. But light initiator concentration is too high will make the curing rate decreased, this is because the ink gloss initiator to absorb UV light curing form surface film to prevent UV light shoot people because of the inner ink.
  ②Prepolymer resin molecular weight, high viscosity fluid fast curing rate. Although the performed, such as acrylic and epoxy resin are available within 20 epoxy resin and acrylic gathered beforehand, but is often used in acrylic acid esterification of epoxy resin for 4 or less.
  ③Reaction is totally depends on whether prepolymer resin and diluent monomer get enough free radicals, that is to say there is enough UV machine strong sunlight enough light initiator to make the ink completely cured. Diluent monomer and prepolymer, of course, also can directly absorb UV light curing. Now the UV printing ink light initiator concentration is reduced and the development trend of improving curing UV light intensity to achieve. Reduce light initiator concentration at the same time reduce the photosensitizer and light sensitizer concentration is beneficial to ink manufacturing use and storage of transportation.
  ④Temperature helps to raise the cure rate. Prepolymer or diluent monomer under the effect of temperature and can produce some crosslinking curing reaction. In addition UV curing reaction rate and temperature in a certain range proportional relationship, so you can't ignore the effect of the UV lamp radiation, think that "cold" light source the best is not correct.

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