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The factors affecting UV light film abrasion resistance

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The factors affecting UV light film abrasion resistance is what?
  UV glazing is one of the purposes of the substrates surface resistance to row, so how to make the film wear-resisting is particularly important, because the friction between the box is happen from time to time. The factors affecting light film abrasion resistance should consider the following aspects.
  (1) to prevent UV coating fall off, with a special UV light oil. Such as according to the substrates using CD disks, plastic, metal, glass and other special UV light oil.
  (2) the ink affinity with UV light oil. Don't add waxy too high ink additives, such as adhesion agent, pulled light agent.
  (3) whether ink dry completely. Remaining solvent will affect and UV layer adhesion, reduce abrasion resistance.
  (4) oil polish add thinner, unfavorable and overmuch, had better not. General UV light oil diluted with ethanol, ethanol water cut, oil in UV light curing water molecules between nonvolatile, make the UV coating in micro hole, affect the quality of the film. With ethyl acetate volatile, the dilution effect is good but the smell.
  (5) curing process time is shorter, general control within 0.2 s. For the paper pass through the high temperature area, dehydration can destroy the paper surface properties, paper surface produce the phenomenon such as pulverization.
  (6), excessive exposure can't. UV ultraviolet excessive oil accept easy cause violence and after curing, the membrane layer of embrittlement.
  (7) some ink connected loosely so that ink particles connection is not the such as gold and silver ink. UV glossy as attached on the sand, and abrasion resistance is poor.

  UV glazing appear shrivel, smells great, what is the cause of the physical and chemical resistant weak?
  Shrinkage: on the smoothness of the paper appear too thick film layer. Coating as crepe paper, and the texture is deeper.
  Bouquet: completely after curing UV coating, odor large debt.
  Physical and chemical resistant weak: uv lamp after curing film layer is not bright, solid, smooth texture. Drop in solvent such as solvent evaporation, mark in here.
The above phenomenon is one of the reasons is glossy UV light initiator. Although light initiator may improve the uv light oil curing speed, but the decrease of the quality of the film after curing. Excessive light initiator, coating thickness make UV light oil layer surface and the overall not curing wrinkles at the same time. Light initiator containing the film-forming solvent, part of the bag in the middle of the polymer solvent after curing, part is squeezed to the film surface, make the interior of the membrane layer is not solid, does not light, smell. Some photosensitizer, thinners smell is very large.

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