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The condition of the UV lamp in reason

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  UV lamp illumination substandard main reason may be because the UV lamp ballasts and bulbs match good, the intensity of UV light depends on the power tube size, the higher the power intensity of illumination will be relative to ascend, tube size is bigger also, 40 square meters with 36 w H type tubes or 40 wt5 tube, can, if you want efficient ozone sterilization can be used with 185 nm UV lamp, but the lamp work will have a smell of ozone is very thick, after use should be ventilated homes, the ultraviolet radiation to the skin and eye damage is bigger, UV lamp work must do a good job protection, or left the scene, avoid being direct illuminate!
   Some UV lamp USES period of time there will be a massive rear light tube crystal and white powder adsorption, so what reason is caused? The following answer one by one to you:
  1, the UV lamp tube appear white powder how to return a responsibility?
UV lamp with quartz in filament tube sealing, due to the high temperature makes the silica quartz tube, silicon dioxide directly into the lamp!
   2, the UV lamp with a piece of a piece of crystal how to return a responsibility?
UV lamp making process, the quartz tube cleaning not clean of impurities

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