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The classification of UV roller coating machine

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  Roller coating machine is a kind of important coating equipment series of mechanical equipment, it has small paint loss, high efficiency, simple maintenance; Can and pipelining good docking, high degree of automation of production line; Especially suitable for NC paint and UV paint coating, the optimal effect; Also suitable for PU paint to paint with PE coating, but taller to the requirement of the rubber roller, clean the machine trouble some, not too convenient to operate.
  Models:The precision roller coating machine, semi precision roller coating machine, ordinary roller coating machine, is inverse roller roller coating machine, principle of work about the same, but there are some different features
  The precision roller coating machine  
  Uniform rubber roller with uniform rubber roller speed, can separate the precision of adjustment, the most suitable for roller coating UV paint, the highest cost.
  Half a precision roller coating machine  
  Only uniform rubber roller can adjust the speed single precision, suitable for NC paint and UV primer, cost is higher.
  Ordinary roller coating machine
  Uniform rubber roller and steel roller can independent adjusting speed, can only roll NC paint, lowest cost, has belongs to phase out models.
  Reverse roller roller coating machine 
  A uniform roller forward a reverse roller coating machine, because the operation is difficult, is not widely used.