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UV spray makes the operation of the common problems

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1. The phenomenon: white  
  Reason: job site temperature humidity is big, paint film violent reaction, may produce a white and air moisture phenomenon; Curing agent, a spray too much too thick.
  Solution: pay attention to the humidity, can add water, prevent efflorescence phenomenon occurred; Modulation in proportion, a coating is too thick.
2. The phenomenon: sparkling
  Reason: compressed air with water mix to the paint film, job site temperature is high, the paint is dry too fast; The surface moisture content is high, the air humidity is big, A coating is too thick.
  Solution: oil/water separation, pay attention to drainage; Add the slow dry thinners; The surface processing clean, add water proof paint; At a time shoulds not be too thick.
3. The phenomenon: orange peel  
  Reason: too many curing agent, drying the paint film fast violent reactions; Spray pressure is too great, film cannot flow blowing crease; Job site temperature is too high, the film should be sharp.
  Solution: according to the ratio of the instructions; Adjust the pressure, not too big; Pay attention to the temperature, can be added dry thinners inhibition of drying speed slow.
4. The phenomenon: spray granule
  Reason: dirty job site, in the dust mixed with the paint; Paint mixing take too long, after a good paint and curing agent has produced copolymer particles; The quantity of oil gun is too small, pressure is too large, the adverse or paint spray gun is too close to the surface.
  The solution: cleaning spray room, cover the pot; Paint mixing good, unfavorable put too long; Adjust the spray gun, in order to make it in the best working state, determine the muzzle, 20 to 50 cm from the surface is advisable.

5. Contraction phenomenon:  
  Reason: before coating paint primer or intermediate coating is dry.
  The solution; According to commend steak every gun coating layer thickness of the coating.
6. Phenomenon: wrinkles  
  Reason: the drying time is too short or paint film is too thick; Primer or putty curing agent in the improper selection; Primer putty not completely; When spraying paint a gun go too thickly, internal deep agent failed to timely volatile, dry it.
  The solution: to give enough drying time between each coating; Only spray action second or wet wet sprayed.
7. Phenomenon: the vertical flow  
  Reason: excess diluent to paint viscosity is too low, lose viscosity; The oil amount is too big, too close from the surface or spray running too slow; Every time the fuel injection quantity too much, too thick or heavy spraying interval time is too short; The surface uneven, especially the streamline body shape vertical flow easily
  Solution: the matching according to the requirement; Control the oil, ensure paint from improving the speed gun; Each injection shoulds not be too thick, two best control time interval spray paint; The control of oil film thickness, it can reduce; According to the ratio of instructions

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