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Sankun conclusion UV machine some of the problems for you

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  Sankun UV conclusion UV light solid machine some of the problems for you.
  When using uv light solid machine a few small problems are often encountered, some problems do not need to go to the factory repair themselves can solve, let's take a look at some uv light solid machine small problems.
  1. Before start the UV light solid machine will the power cord plugged into a power supply correctly.
  2. The power supply after start-up such as long time don't turn on the light, the device will automatically cut off the switchboard power supply.
  3. Close the total button switch, power indicator light is lit, press the power button, the machine is in standby mode.
  4. Start the uv lamp, immediately after turn off the lights don't light is a normal phenomenon, after uv lamp cooling can light up.
  5. Close the motor switch, mesh belt running, according to the product requirements to adjust speed control knob, please make the mesh belt speed is appropriate
  6. Start A lamp, A lamp current down to A steady state after the restart lamp of B or C lamp. In order to prevent the power switch over current.
  7. Close the uv lamp, according to the stop button after A stop light, B lamp fan continuous operation, to heat, ultraviolet lamp tubes after cooling, automatic cut off     the switchboard power supply.
  8. Changing a uv lamp, open the box, loose box screw securing the power cord, pull a light box for conversion.

  Correctly handle these small problems can make us the use of uv light solid machine for a longer time, sankun technology quality trustworthy.

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