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UV machine which problems would appear in your work?

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  In general have magnesium aluminum reflectors made of cases, can maximize the reflection of uv light, and part of the infrared absorption; Plus installation cold uv light, can reduce more than 80% uv indoor quantity of heat, ensure the substrates surface temperature not more than 45 degrees.
  That is to say, in the case of not to install cold light, water can be controlled at about 30 degrees, if match with cold mirror, temperature can be controlled below 25 degrees; Air cooling can generally be controlled between 50-70 degrees; Simple easy to operate, the device is a popular choice in the UV machine, only under the condition of special needs, think in terms of water, such as membrane material, generally is PVC, very thin, such products to withstand temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, water is used.
  UV machine at work, due to the UV lamp sends out a certain quantity of heat, after accumulating at room temperature will be very high, can lead to thin film materials and overprint precision, especially for some thermal material doesn't fit, so cold UV machine technology arises at the historic moment, already solved the problem of the UV printing ink adhesion, also avoid the overprint precision of the thin film material heat shrinkage caused the problem.

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