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The purpose of uv curing lights?

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Uv curing lamp USES:
  UV curing mainly used light to shoot directly to the skin surface or preferable inner light curing. UV lamp produce UV will produce large amounts of IR radiation at the same time, the workpiece with low temperature, the radiant heat is beneficial, it can accelerate the light curing reaction rate, especially for U metal halogen lamp, V + anaerobic hybrid rubber, effect is more obvious. Application example: wooden floor, metal products, such as UV coating, UV insulation coating in the printed circuit board, glass products of UV glue. Sensitive or resistant to the influence that the temperature of poor light curing artifacts, traditional UV lamp with UV in the IR radiation, for it is a big threat and even deadly. Reduce IR radiation is now the world manufacturing UV curing equipment, one of the frontier issues are usually the methods of water filtration, reflection, the frequency to be solved, but at the cost of loss must be part of the ultraviolet light. Zhongshan refined spot supply various kinds of imported ultraviolet UV curing light.