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On architectural decoration UV curing light material

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  Interior design and decoration is a typical professional personalized market, such as decorative glass, duplexes crafts, furniture, plywood, ceramic tile, metal board, ceiling, curtain, ground, wall paper, leather, marble, etc. The traditional screen printing or thermal transfer technology for plate making fee is high, also has asked for the material, color transition is not natural, surface and manual processing of the ingredients is very high, the production efficiency is low, the most suitable alternative digital printing technology.
UVLED light curing technology applied in the construction industry, makes a lot of the original building materials play the role of the itself does not have. UVLED light curing technology, such as marble, makes its use as big range widely.
  Below we parse the building from the aspects of marble material UV light curing technology. Marble light oil is a kind of energy-saving, resistant to strong solvents, excellent weatherability, blow against damage of high environmental protection light oil. Light oil is suitable for man-made stone mesa of furniture, marble surface finishing, such as toilet mesa, windowsill, dining tables, etc., with high, mirror effect, more show elegant marble. Marble light oil viscosity is moderate, with low odour index, curing speed. Marble UV light oil curing membrane surface hardness, scratch resistance, strong adhesion, the protective properties of the base material is superior, excellent acid-proof alkaline, easy to clean, superior weather resistance and wearability. Marble UV light oil curing is largely reduced emissions, suit the requirement of green environmental protection, harmless to the human bod