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Purchasing should be how to choose suitable for UV machine

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  With the technology application of UV curing technology support, UV machine has widespread use in the industrial field. Such as printing, spraying, medical, aerospace, etc. Production as a result, a lot of IT in order to profit murmurs UV machine, often can make the UV machine on the market's overall quality is uneven, or due to a lack of comprehensive understanding of the UV machine buy blindly, to finally found not suitable for your business, which waste a lot of money, in this paper, for part of the enterprise specially into the erroneous zone on the one hand the answer.
 First from UV institutions into several most anatomy: light source system = + + UV transformer, UV capacitors the UV lamp UV of stents, capacitor control system (automatic or manual), smoke exhaust system, transmission system, chassis parts, etc. The five elements. Due to various industries and different requirements to make a relative adjustment.

  The following, we will industry requirements and feature lists several common precautions:
  Printing, offset printing, UV printing, UV glazing, attachment of trademark printing and so on. When selecting a UV machine or UV system should pay attention to the question is:
 1, fast printing speed, choosing the UV lamp, must choose speed powerful UV lamp. Printing industry UV machine general with speed to win, so want to choose large power transformer.
 2, paper, good quality, easy and drift happens, smoke exhaust system change, must choose the type suction within the UV machine.

  Spraying industry, general UV light oil curing, on the basis of different material (product), the temperature, dust-free environment. Energy and light intensity requirement accordingly. Spraying the metal case, nature is not very strict requirements for temperature, generally acceptable to 60 degrees to 100 degrees, but note that because of the high temperature product surface yellowing phenomenon. Clean condition with poor or no dust workshop is more difficult to solve. UV machine interior to send in the first place within the system to add filters, UV furnace pressure normal atmospheric pressure value as far as possible, to avoid entering clean. When the energy value (MJ/CM square) requirement, generally is contingent on the UV light source the light feeling agent, or the thickness of shotcrete layer, light agent should be severe slow xuan choose energy high UV lamp spray layer is a bit thick, with more than 15 uf commonly referred to as thick, side to use energy more UV light; Light intensity requirements: general for laptop, mobile phone shell, such as brushed metal shell spraying, light intensity and popular term for: ultraviolet radiation rate per unit time, or how much per unit time product receiving ultraviolet.

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