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UV machine details

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Low temperature?
  UV curing machine to achieve low temperature has the following several ways:
  1, choose matching UV power supply system is a set of key elements are: high UV light source system transformer (ballasts) and capacitor (trigger), four major part UV lamp and UV lamp shade, transformer (ballast) should choose copper material, now on the market due to intense manufacturers profit point down a lot of single bond, manufacturer's away risk, transformer coil adopts aluminium wire instead. High fever, aluminium wire transformer noise big, short service life, easy happening for disaster, aspirant apparatus (trigger) should choose capacity sufficient pressure UV aspirant, recommended oil-immersed capacitor. On the market most of the dry type capacitor cannot be used in UV light, UV lamp, please choose normal manufacturer brand, quality is guaranteed, the UV lamp shade is often neglected, actually the UV lamp is more than just a stent so simple, according to different functions are parallel light type, concentrating, reflective, such as several large number,

  2, good pumping system
  So-called good pumping system, is not a machine within the bigger the better, the lower the temperature, the better, but is suitable for the UV machine, this machine is used within a row of machine in the quantity and the machine not only related to the power, and you more comfortable inside the tube diameter, although some vendors within the machine adopts power enough, the speed is high, but why the temperature is so high? There are two reasons: A, pumping the diameter is too small, too small diameter directly affect displacement, large machine inside again trashy also, B in the inside, there are no send because UV light curing, UV oven or UV room is often A sealed narrow A space, you have A row of light does not have its first space inside out in the fresh also don't go with the temperature, the amount of calculation method and the calculation of the pumping in the way, please contact our staff.

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