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The use of the uv lamp

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  1, UV lamp only after irradiation sterilization cycle of water in the pipeline, and for the parasitic bacteria there would be no effect on the filter material, but should be one week after adding nitrifying bacteria to avoid using a UV lamp light, because of nitrifying bacteria on the filter material is need some time.
  2, ultraviolet light from the UV lamp has strong power to the bacteria, also have a harm to human body, because of the UV lamp emits radiation is harmful to health, so under the UV lamp emit ultraviolet ray direct illuminate the human body is the most vulnerable part of the cornea and skin, so at any time shall not contact didn't block on UV lamp, in particular, not with the eyes look light of UV lamp tube, so as to avoid injury.
  3, ultraviolet ray can produce a strong oxidation in the process of using ozone, can both effectively kill bacteria, but UV lamp cannot be used for 24 hours in the aquarium, because of its produce ozone, along with the water cycle, will cause the decrease of nitrifying bacteria on the filter material.
  4, when a cooling adverse conditions to troubleshoot in order to continue to work in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the germicidal lamp; Do not use paper or cloth inflammable, explosive, such as close to being used in the tubes, otherwise can cause fires due to high temperature on the surface of the sterilization lamp.
  5, after turn off UV lamp tube at least 10 minutes after the restart or turn on the lamp shade, otherwise it will lead to tube damage or burn. In a sealed space opened the lamp please get exhaust, because surface ozone, respiratory system has great harm to human body.
  6, the UV lamp light do not directly to see with the naked eye, otherwise it will cause eyes sting or decreased vision; Is light of UV lamp or just put off the UV lamp do not touch, otherwise it will scald caused by tube or reflector surface temperature is too high. We only have the correct cognition UV lamp and understand its taboo to better use the UV lamp and can't be harm to our health.

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