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The characteristics of uv machine, uv lamp

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  Uv machine, uv curing lamp or uv light, also known as uv lamp, uv curing lamp. UV curing lights and argon gas, such as xenon, generally contain mercury lamp tube wall by will enable a large penetration of high purity quartz ultraviolet, is one of the high intensity discharge lamp. The working principle of the UV curing lamp is started with the aid of tubes Polar discharge force inside the tube between electrons, atoms and ions collide with each other, inspire the mercury vapor in the lamp and argon discharge continuous radiation. Such uv lamps and lanterns with high power density and effective ultraviolet light, the wavelength range between 350 nm to 450 nm, the highest peak at 365 nm.
  UV curing lamp life generally refers to the radiation energy attenuation to surface is lower than the normal use of the duration of the energy, basic domestic UV curing lamp has the service life of 800 hours, import tubes use up to 1000 hours. UV curing lamp is commonly used in printing plate, flexible packaging printing, wood decoration materials, furniture industry, tin, shoemaking, semiconductor and printed circuit board printing, printing ink dry solid.

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