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Water cooled UV machine types and properties of anilox roll

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  Water cooled UV machine types and properties of anilox roll
  Anilox roller type and performance according to the surface material has two types, that is, metal and ceramic.

  (1) metal is generally using ordinary metal roller # 20 seamless steel tube as base material, by rolling checker to nickel plating hard chromium, copper, and into. Wall thickness is generally selected 15? 20 mm seamless steel tube, 20 # steel soft easy to use metal roller gear hob, if steel, high hardness, large knurled knife roll. Selects the seamless pipe is the purpose of the quality of a material of uniform without joint, or roll flower will appear checkered depth inconsistent results in uneven spread of ink. Seamless steel tube wall thickness selection for 15 to 20 mm has two, the purpose of a knurled knife When rolling force is bigger, steel thin wall tube top will be bent; Second, the anilox roll after using certain revolution surface wear, can be worn checkered cars off the knurling use again, such cost savings, repeatable knurled commonly 4? Five times, each time should be around 0.4 mm.

The machining technology of the metal anilox roll
  (1). a car. With a high precision lathe steel roller surface coarse and fine models.
  (2). Lathe machining surface smoothness, straightness, ovality is not accurate, the grinding machine for processing the surface smoothness is up to standard.

Steel roller should reach after machining quality requirements
  (1) the surface of steel roller clean smooth, no dent, no rusty spot.
  (2) the straightness of steel roller and ovality to achieve different print quality requirements.
  (3) have enough wall thickness, the printing won't roll bending deformation in the dynamic balancing and processing.
  (4) anilox roll of metal rolling. After fine grinding of steel roller on the lathe, with knurling tools from one end to the other end continuously rolling, cannot stop, cannot meet the knife mark appear in the middle. Knurling knife is according to the needs of customers choose a different pattern is checkered mesh point shapes. Mechanical rolling line number is 50-3601 / in commonly, line number and demanding to use laser engraving ceramic anilox roller. Rolling corners connected with hexagonal, hexagonal shape, the pyramid, groove grooved. After 20 # steel roller surface rolling mesh point will cock bulging edge, the edge of reoccupy grinder processing mill to rib, clean inside the mesh point send to plating.

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