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UV light solid machine light practical circuit

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  UV light solid machine light practical circuit
  Uv light solid electromechanical road mainly including power transformer, temperature control, leakage protection, heat dissipation, and the printer on line control, power control, servo control, motor speed control system.
 UV curing equipment circuit is characterized by high power, high voltage, so the heart is a high power device, usually by magnetic flux leakage transformer. UV lamp is high temperature device, lit when the surface temperature as high as 600-800 ° C, temperature control and ventilation system, critical temperature controller and the cooling fan or water cooling system linkage control is the key control. Electric leakage protection system of high voltage high power circuit is related to the staff's life safety. The following specific introduce several commonly used circuits.
  Basic circuit which includes magnetic flux leakage of UV lamp power supply transformer; Fuse FU and thermal relay FR, respectively for short circuit and overload protection; Contactor KM coil itself again as a loss of pressure protection; In transformer secondary concatenated capacitance, using ac impedance on circuit pressure limiting current limiting function, light solid machine by changing the capacitance value change the lamp power, at the same time of transformer and the UV lamp can be protected.
  Working process is that the closed air switch Q, press the start button SBst, contactor coil KM electricity, the main contact closure, dynamic auxiliary contact closure to realize self-locking, voltage transformers up into a high pressure after the light bulb, SBstp stop button, the disconnect contactor coil power, make the circuit to stop working.