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The UV curing machine operating sequence is introduced

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  Now the UV curing machine application is very broad, many industries are needed, but you know the UV curing machine switch machine order? Boot sequence of the UV curing machine, open the total power supply, open the speed governor, open the UV lamp switch. The cooling fan is automatically start, work normally in about 10 minutes. UV curing machine shutdown sequence, first turn off the UV lamp, after five to eight minutes after the cooling fan automatically shut down, and then close the governor, shut off the power switch again. Although it tells the story of the UV curing machine switch machine order, but in the whole process, there are some matters need attention:
  1, when you start the UV lamp should be progressive lights, each lamp interval 1 minute or so, don't open at the same time.
  2, close the UV lamp should take the fan continues to run after a period of time, straight to the cooling tubes.
  3, shut down after the UV light if you want to start, be sure to wait to cool completely before starting the tubes, or in the case of tube surface temperature high is starting up.
  4, don't put into production immediately after opening the UV lamp, want to have a lamp preheating time, summer at high temperature, preheat time is short; Winter low temperature, preheat time longer, preheat time is 2-3 minutes. If there is a weak light UV machine device, should be in the light start turn on the light.

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