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Using the low temperature of the UV curing machine?

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  Low temperature UV curing machine, UV machine is to launch the UV light equipment. The UV machine need to pay attention to what issues?

  1, good ground wire is grounded.
  2, the fan is not normal, please don't use, so as not to burn the uv lamp.
  3, found that the roll in the process of turning slightly beats, please immediately at the ends of the roll tightly screw tightening.
  4, when the machine produces serious failure, must promptly notify the manufacturer or distributor, don't open the case.
  5, when the replacement of uv lamp, never use hand touch lamp, or it will cause the mole on uv lamp, luminous efficiency, need to wear clean gloves for installation.
  6, in order to prevent the service life of the uv lamp to reduce, don't immediately after turn off the lights and cut off the total switch power supply, need to wait for the machine automatic shutdown and then cut off the total power switch.

  UV machine method of use:

  1, the power cord plugged into a power supply correctly. Shenzhen UV machine.
  2, open the brake switch, the power light is lit up, press the power button again, to see whether the machine is in standby mode.
  3, switch on the UV machine, mesh belt running, according to the requirement of the product, please adjust speed control knob, allow the running speed of net belt to      the right
  4, launched A light, wait for A lamp current dropped to A stable state and start lamp of B or C lamp. Prevent the power switch over current.
  5, after turn off the lights and immediately start the uv lamp, not light belongs to the normal phenomenon, after waiting for the uv lamp cooling can light up.
  6, replace the uv lamp, open the box, unscrew the electric box fastening screws, pull a light box for conversion.
  7, need to be closed when the uv lamp, according to A stop light, B lamp fan carries on, after the stop button to heat, ultraviolet lamp tubes after cooling, such as             automatic cut off the switchboard power supply.
  8, the power supply after start-up if long time don't turn on the light, the device will automatically cut off the switchboard power supply.

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